Secure Mailboxes To Rent
Missing Your Internet Delivery


Do you live in a shared accommodation? - Avoid the risk of mail and packages going missing in 'halls of residence' with your own locked & secured mailbox located at our place.

Do you receive secure or private mail & packages or do you need a confidential mailing address? - With a Perth Mailbox any posts or packages you receive are strictly 'for your eyes only'.





Registration Fee £ 0.00
Personal  (£ 5.00) £1.50 (per day)
Business £ 144 (for 6 months)
Each additional mailing name £ 5.00 per name, per month
Mail forwarding £ 2.50 (plus materials, postage/courier costs)

Property & Identification Fraud Protection
Convenient Courier Delivery
Delivery SMS Text Alert
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